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Transportation is an enormous industry that connects millions of people and goods by road, rail, air and sea. In the modern urbanized world, efficient transportation is the key for economic development. Information and Communication Technologies have played a vital role in its transformation.

Every Mode of transportation (Rail / Road/ Air / Sea) involves different systems and they are interlinked to various other sub-systems that work in an integrated manner. For instance, in an airline industry the passenger expects on-time arrival and departure. Behind the scene, there is complex integration of various subsystems like FIDS (Flight Information Display System), Check-in processing system, AFAS (Automatic Flight Announcement System), Baggage Handling System etc. These industries use Information Technology extensively right from ticketing and passenger systems to automation of the entire operations. Design of a unified IT infrastructure for a large infrastructure like Airport or Metro Rail is a very complex process as it involves multiple sub systems, multiple tenants and passenger safety.

Seamless functioning of these various systems and applications not only requires thorough technical know-how of the integration but also involves thorough understanding of these systems and applications. Netcon having gained immense experience in executing several projects in this domain has built a unique expertise in rendering this complex IT integration services to customers.

Netcon has proven experience and domain knowledge in designing IT infrastructure for large Airports and Metro Rail systems.

Our Solutions

  • Design of robust, intelligent and multi-tenant communication network.
  • Security systems consisting of CCTV Surveillance, Access Control and intelligent Building Management systems.
  • Fault Tolerant Datacenters
  • Network and Information security solutions
  • Centralized Command and Control Centers for Security and Operations.
  • Passenger Information Systems such as FIDS, PIDS, etc.
  • Infrastructure wide WiFi, DAS and TETRA solution
  • Public Address System
  • Operation & Maintenance for the entire IT Infrastructure
  • Emergency Response Systems
  • We leverage proven and latest technologies such as MPLS, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Virtualization, Private Cloud, IOT and Mobility to design reliable, multi-tenant and intelligent IT infrastructure for an efficient, flexible and agile public transportation infrastructure.

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