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Smart & Safe Cities

Smart City Solutions encompass the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for providing effective urban services like city governance, transport, security, utility distribution, solid waste management. ICT enables affordable delivery of citizen services with high quality and enables more inclusive growth of the city.

City wide communication backbone

Building of robust common communication network and datacenter infrastructure for the cities is a key enabler for delivering efficient urban services to the citizens. This communication infrastructure is as important and critical as roads and utility distribution within a city. Such communication network support multi-tenancy where multiple services such as surveillance, traffic management, smart utilities, WiFi, etc. can use the same network infrastructure there by significantly reducing the capital and operating costs.

Netcon has the expertise and experience in designing city wide metropolitan area networks (MANs) that enable converged communications leveraging latest technologies of multi-gigabit optical Ethernet, Software Defined Networks, Network Virtualization and MPLS.

Netcon offers solutions for scalable compute and storage solutions combined with virtualization and private/public cloud technologies so that urban services can be rapidly deployed and scaled up.

City Wide WiFi infrastructure

WiFi infrastructure enables seamless access to various urban services by citizens. This also provides low cost ubiquitous connectivity to Internet for the citizens, especially students. A robust WiFi infrastructure should have a well designed centralized authentication and access control system that provides seamless WiFi access across the city. It shall also have the ability to interoperate with other WiFi and Telecom service providers so that the users have seamless roaming capability across providers spanning different WiFi/3G/4G networks.

Netcon has the proven track record in building state of the art Wireless Hotspot solutions.

Central Command & Control center

A centralized city operation, command and control center is required for the cities for monitoring the entire city operations from a single location. This center provides a complete view of the entire city in a single pane of glass. All services such as Security (CCTV), Traffic management, Disaster Management, Emergency Response (e.g. Dial 100), Utility management are continuously monitored from the control center. Various incidents are managed through well defined standard operating procedures.

Netcon provides Citywide command & control solutions for smart cities through Industry leading platforms.

These platforms offer a unified solution for integrating multiple city wide services, sensors and IOT devices to collect, store data and provide intelligent analytics for better decision making and proactive planning of urban infrastructure.

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