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Networking & Security

In today’s modern communication world, business leaders are focussed on increasing productivity and profitability with reduced TCO, optimizing expenditure and quick turnaround. Employees expect excellent work environment with automated tools and resources. Citizens expect convenient access to Self Service Applications and E-commerce related resources. Government is focussed on providing comfort and safety to citizens and also automating Utilities, Digital communication to provide smart world to citizen by which improving processes, services and reduce operational expenses.

Unbound Network and Security solutions are vital to meet the all requirements with enhanced and hassle free experience in secured manner. We provide comprehensive Network and Security solutions using High Speed Network like 10G/40G/100G Backbone systems, Latest Wireless technologies, MPLS, SDN and 3G/4G Connectivity to enable companies to quickly adapt to market changes, communicate and increase productivity, improve competitive advantage and deliver an enhanced experience across any workforce.

Our Expertise

  • Our vast experience and expertise in End-to-End IT Infrastructure, including the Network platform, Security, Collaboration, Mobility and Virtualization solutions help us to understand customers business objectives, their pain areas and offer a validated solution that improves Customer business process and business continuity.
  • We offer vendor neutral solutions with cutting edge technology along with our technical expertise in cross platform integration across various products. Our approach gives customers a greater advantage in terms of having the best technology, optimized solution bearing in mind the return on investment and adaptability to existing environment.
  • Our Solutions

    Our unified and secure networking solutions help customers to

  • Enhance User Experience by providing reliable and high speed wired and wireless connectivity in secured manner.
  • Provide Connectivity to Machines, Sensors and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can automate factory functionalities and save energies.
  • Automate Provisioning of Policies to End User Devices based on User Identity, Location, Time, Devices, Device Health and Connectivity
  • Empower workforce to access Company’s resources and collaborate from anywhere, any device in secured manner and allowing customers, vendors to access required resources and collaborate securely which will improve the productivity and profitability.
  • A high performance, adaptable, scalable and secure network that can be provisioned automatically based on dynamic business requirements using Emerging SDN Technologies.
  • Enhanced Guest Provisioning system along with Dynamic Location based Advertisement system that can help to generate multiple revenue streams
  • Dynamic Control over the Network, Security systems based on behaviour of Users, Applications, and Network using Network Analytics systems which will ensure critical business applications available without any performance issue.
  • Provide Enhance Citizen Experience and Citizen Safety by creating a robust city wide network and WiFi infrastructure for connecting Surveillance systems, Intelligent Traffic Management system, Emergency Response System and other smart city solutions.
  • High Speed, Intelligent and software define networks enable agile cloud solutions.
  • Deliver Secured Infrastructure at all layers starting from Connecting to the Network to protect Sensitive Applications from anywhere/any people along with Complete Visibility Information by having Firewall, UTM, Network Admission Control, DDoS, IPS, APT, DLP, SSO solutions implemented in line with Corporate Security Policies.
  • Help Customers to protect their sensitive data and make 100% compliance even addressing their dynamic business requirements
  • Case Studies

    Solutions(Networking & Security)

    Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode - 10Gbps Speed Campus Backbone Network

    Netcon has designed Campus Network & WiFi solution for Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. This project scope involves 802.1x based authentication and access control for both Wired and Wireless Networks, Dynamic VLAN, Three Tier Architecture with Core, Distribution and Access layers. .

    Solutions(Networking & Security)

    IT and Network Infrastructure for a large Indian Airport

    Netcon has designed IT and Network Infrastructure for a large Indian Airport. This project scope involves Consulting services for Network design, Implementation monitoring, Testing and commissioning.

    Solutions(Networking & Security)

    Sakthi Sugars Limited – WAN Deployment with Redundant and High Available Network Infrastructure

    Netcon has designed Redundant and High Available Network Infrastructure. This project scope involves Design, Implementation and Migration, Technical support for the past 3 years. .

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