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Manufacturing industries are the chief wealth producing sectors of an economy and India’s manufacturing sector is projected to touch $ 1 trillion by 2025 with new initiatives like “Make in India” program led by the Government. From aerospace to automotive and from industrial engineering to complex refining process, IT plays a vital role in streamlining of processes from the inflow of raw material to delivery of finished products. Over the last decade, manufacturing industry witnessed a key change with every machine communicating in bits and bytes.

Manufacturing companies are leveraging Information and communication technologies for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain & Logistics, Customer Support, Analytics and Business Intelligence and related business processes. New technologies such as cloud, IOT, Big Data, Mobile and Social Media are making their business more agile and inclusive. Information Technology is extensively used to reduce cost of product, design, supply chain management and the manufacturing process itself. IT can reduce the amount of labor required to Produce a product, improve its quality and allow manufacturers to respond faster and more effectively to their customers.

Netcon, originating from a town considered to be a manufacturing hub of South India has an enriched experience in understanding of the complex flow processes and implemented end to end IT infrastructure solutions for a number of manufacturing organizations for securely interconnecting machines, employees, suppliers, partners and customers.

Our Solutions

  • IT infrastructure design, engineering and maintenance.
  • IT integration services for full & semi-automated environment.
  • Datacenter design and erection.
  • Physical Safety and Security solutions.
  • Mobility services with plant-wide Wi-Fi with Zero touch provisioning, network access control and RTLS services.
  • IT audit and assessment services for optimization of existing IT environment to a more agile, scalable and suitable infrastructure.
  • Migration of application and critical IT services from On-premise to cloud infrastructure.
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