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Higher Education

Today, Internet & Mobility has disrupted the way we learn. E-Learning and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are redefining the educational content delivery to the students. New age communication solutions and Social Media enables collaboration amongst students, faculty, industry and research community.

In order to leverage these disrupting technologies, educational institutions need to have the right IT infrastructure to provide seamless and secure access to online educational content. These infrastructures include a high performance campus network, pervasive Wi-Fi Access across the campus, fool-proof security solution, computing and storage solution for local storage and delivery of educational content.

Our Expertise

Netcon has proven experience and expertise in design & deployment of multi-gigabit (10G/40G/100G) local area networks, security solutions, collaboration and datacenter solutions. We have successfully implemented these solutions in large campuses with 10000+ students.

Our expertise in deploying and managing Open Source Software has enabled us to implement cost effective security, messaging and collaboration solutions for a large number of educational institutions.

Netcon has the expertise to help create a cost effective, scalable and more connected learning environment that benefits the entire campus both in Capex and Opex model through Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Unified Campus Framework

Netcon has devised a Unified Campus Framework that provides the educational institutions a robust IT infrastructure road map for enabling enhanced teaching and learning experience. This framework delivers collaboration among the stakeholders including students, faculty, administrators and parents.

Our Unified Campus framework integrates network, datacenter, security and applications so that any user can access any application on any device anywhere anytime, with requisite authorization.

The solution leverages state of the art technologies such as virtualization, cloud, software defined networks, next generation Wi-Fi networks and hotspot 2.0.

The solution is based on open standards, interoperable and highly scalable to future growth.

Our Solutions

Netcon offers a wide range of solutions that include:

  • Campus Wide Network Infrastructure to create a high available and high performance backbone network for the entire campus.
  • Wireless Access Solution to create a pervasive, seamless and secure Wi-Fi access across the campus.
  • Unified Collaboration to provide converged Voice, Video, Compute and Data Solution on the same campus backbone network and eliminate the need for multiple networks for telephone, computers and video.
  • Compute and Storage Solution to run various applications for administration, examination and evaluation systems, e-Learning and Collaboration.
  • Datacenters to provide a high available hosting infrastructure for the servers and storage to provide optimum performance on 24x7x365.
  • Desktop and Server Virtualization for optimal usage of computing resources and reduce the obsolescence of desktop hardware.
  • Security Solutions to secure the information assets of the institution, preventing unauthorized use of resources and ensuring fair usage of resources such as Internet.
  • E-Learning and Streaming infrastructure to deliver audio/video content to the students.
  • Establishing Technology Labs for Wireless, Software Defined Networks, IOT and Cloud for learning and research purpose.
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