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BID / RFP response

IT system projects these days are complex and heterogeneous in nature. They are expected to integrate various technologies, devices, sensors, software, applications, security, analytics, social media and cloud seamlessly. Customers want their complex IT project to be handled by a single integrator end to end.

While it may be an attractive proposal to the integrators, it is not possible to have expertise in all technology areas. Netcon with its certified pool of engineers brings in cross platform expertise across various technologies ranging from Networking, virtualization, BYOD, SDN, Datacenter build, collaboration, cloud services to project management.

Netcon brings in its expertise in designing and implementing large infrastructure projects that cut across various industry domains such as airports, metros, city surveillance, smart cities, and cloud services.

We offer the following range of services in an attempt to help Master System Integrators (SI) respond to the RFP with technical superior and competitive commercial proposal.

  • Pre bid engagement to understand the big picture of the RFP and the deliverables and prepare pre-bid technical queries
  • Solution Design and Engineering
  • Alignment with prospective OEMs
  • Technical Evaluation and Competitive Analysis of OEM offers
  • Preparation of the Technical Solution Document
  • Technical Presentation and POC
  • Our Consulting Services offerings are unique as we work “EXCLUSIVE” in any project with confidentiality clause. Our approach has earned loyalty and trust amongst our customers and partners.

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